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The handsome and elegant Gryson Ruby Satchel is wholesale Rhinestone Handbags

The handsome and elegant Gryson Ruby Satchel is a great introduction & spread Green Toys the United States for non-toxic environmental protection toy

Just friend from Taiwan told me that Gryson bags are also sold in Taiwan, in the SOGO Renaissance hall, Eslite, with the Kaohsiung dome etc.:

@Ruby Satchel (red special black, beige, with) actually pricing is as high as $31800 nt!!!!

@Ellie (special colors are red and blue gray), small size, price is $27800

@Classic Clutch chain bag (special very elegant beige and black), pricing is $21800

Brief introduction of designer Joy Gryson, who served in the CK Coach brand, he is Marc Jacobs of leather accessories department director, the door left Marc in 2006 Jacobs created namesake brand Gryson design bag immediately into the ladies department store Bergdorf Goodman,wholesale Rhinestone Handbags package design has its one's own knack in, not to hit the bag, if interested in his design works, he also has a new series of IIIBeCa by Joy Gryson parity, as listed by the welcome, but later, today's focus is on his collection series of special Ruby package, is that coffee Taiwan pricing to $31800!!!

The two suddenly fell in love with top handle tote bag, feel can be portable and can handle very good-looking, Gryson Belted Strap Classic Ruby Satchel is a typical top handle handbags, with long detachable suspenders, is very practical bag, so in a certain corner of the heart has been this package. A friend had asked me, think this bag? I studied very carefully, looking more and more like the two hanging belt well, have a good personality, urging him to buy it buy it, so I can feel the cortex, had friends feel the most practical dirty black, the netizen said he had bought tea color the silence Ruby package, feel real product have qualitative feeling very much, this time a friend and paused, trying to buy the good color? I said you two colors are bought, I will help you decide how to?

Black tea color (or weekend with beige, see you in what light see below) Ruby come in my house, and I have a hunch about two, friends will leave you, ha ha ha, because imagine than my real products more beautiful, but also unexpected good good collocation, the first match is a light coloured silence bag, such details we see more clearly,

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