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qoobags 2013 new wholesale wallets

Elinor handbags style 2013 Tmall mall strongly recommended items, to a happy home, on sales of 23725, can only say tmall too awesome, I believe for handbags such explosion does not see more. See below this package to attract low where you place. Here we take a look at this critical section, as follows: wholesale wallets Miville classic 2013 latest fashion light tide package crocodile handbag Crossbody Bag Miville 2013 new fashion handbags See details Monthly sales of so many explosion effect, of course the brand is a factor not to have a look, below this brand, it did well, winning so many pro trust? Mivor m, flagship store to see the details below we look at the product parameters: Brand name: Mivor/ meters, Gender: Female Style: Satchel Methods: the Messenger Laptop Backpack Material: PU PU features: bright surface Carrying parts: soft Bag: zipper bags Internal structure: zipper pocket mobile phone bag bag sandwich zipper bag pocket camera pocket computer The outer bag types: dug bag Popular elements: Crocodile Monogram: Crocodile Color: Black (Liang Guang) yellow (Liang Guang) (Liang Guang) small red black trumpet (Liang Guang) and blue (Liang Guang) green (Liang Guang) three days delivery red purple (Liang Guang) (Liang Guang) three days delivery Pink Pink Trumpet (Liang Guang) (Liang Guang) white (Liang Guang) blue trumpet (Liang Guang) red (Liang Guang) Khaki Khaki trumpet (Liang Guang) (Liang Guang) (Liang Guang) red yellow trumpet trumpet (Liang Guang) white trumpet (Liang Guang) orange (Liang Guang) (Liang Guang) purple orange trumpet trumpet (Liang Guang) three days delivery green s (Liang Guang) three days delivery There is no sandwich: Hardness: hard Foldable: no Price: 301-500 yuan Condition: brand new Bags occasions: Banquet The bag size: (longest side 30-50cm) Brand: Mivor/ meters, Number: 1588 Luggage style: Fashion Bag shape: square cross section Luggage strap styles: single Material quality: Polyester Case size: 35*24.5*13 Good products, mainly to see the consumer evaluation, and sales. The meters, 2013 new fashion handbags can sell so fire, so the quality is very good. Evaluation we can buy this bag look after MM people: some people say: the bag is very beautiful, very bright look very atmospheric cortex, originally it was black queen, but feel that some big, change a white trumpet, very loving, shop service attitude is very good, have patience explain, change the bag delivery is particularly fast, after buying a bag will be here some people say: delivery speed is very quick, the bag is light, very bright colors, size specifications for feeling good, like bag! Some people say: This is the second time to buy, good workmanship, this price can buy high quality and inexpensive really is. Logistics is also very fast. All five points! Some people say: bag very affordable, work is also very good, very loving, express also particularly fast, friends see it, it is worth buying, after the purchase of bag is still here. Evaluation of MM, see more of their Xiaobian comments: Routh handsome. This bag is very good, can sit on the Taobao 2013 new handbags sold more than 5000 throne did not blow, no matter from the mall's reputation, or from the sales and evaluation, is very good. Mall credit order: ★★★★★ The speed of delivery order: ★ ★ ★ ★ Service attitude scale: ★★★★★ Product quality level: ★★★★★ Price level: ★★★★★ Xiaobian recommended level: ★★★★★ This station only third party evaluation, not involved in the transaction, such as the need to buy please enter the mall store view.