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Wholesale men's bags double C lozenge handbag

It brings together the out of the box,Wholesale men's bagsthe trial evaluation, the paper, recommend, share the, where to buy the cheapest, analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of finishing! Price will be adjusted; special time, a friend in need to move fast! Here is my order data; CHANEL classic Kang Peng double C Ling lattice Tote (M / M) worthy of reference to other similar commodity recommendation. Whatever Google you have a lot of people talk about CHANEL classic Kang Peng double C lozenge handbag (M / M). Recently many net friend asked CHANEL classic Kang Peng double C lozenge handbag (M / M) where to buy the cheapest? And the GOOGLE on the CHANEL classic Kang Peng double C lozenge handbag (M / M) sorting search the top! Internet price will change at any time, please refer to the original online shopping platform data shall prevail! I recently also looking for CHANEL classic Kang Peng double C lozenge handbag (M / M), it feels really good!!

Suggests that the site is set to I most love, often going cheap good message can be seen!

The commodity specifications

Brand name: CHANEL.

Material: sheepskin.

Commodity: European parallel input source.

Product size: 20x long. The bottom bottom width 9x height 12x 11cm

Format: mobile phone bags. The inner 1x zipper bag 1x bag X1 bag body.

Goods accessories: the original dust jacket x guarantee card


Goods packing are seal protection, and the whole ship being videotaped.

The original tags and shopping center. The seal once the unsealing failure, can not accept returns, inconvenience, please forgive me!!

. the picture colors due to computer screen set up slightly different, from the actual product colors prevail, please forgive me

During the appreciation. Goods for return please keep commercial integrity, and must be "new without the use of" state and the complete package.

(including purchase goods, accessories, internal and external packaging, random file, gifts, packaging box... All must maintain a complete)

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